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6 thoughts on “Ask & Answer”

  1. I love your blog! I just had a question concerning nail care. I love wearing nail polish constantly, but I’ve noticed that my nail will become brittle and want to split. How do I prevent this from happening? What is your nail care routine?

    • Why thank you, Diana! :) Thanks for commenting! It’s a great question.

      First, a preamble. I think that nails in general come down to two pretty important factors: genetics & overall health. Just like how people are born with different kinds of hair, people are also born with different kinds of nails. Makes sense, because hair & nails are closely related, biologically speaking. So, as there are those born with thick & shiny hair, there are those born with strong, smooth nails. But alas, that is not always the case and Nature just doesn’t let everyone win the genetic lottery on everything.

      As for the link between general health and nails, I know some gals take Biotin, a supplement, or even pre-natal pills whether or not they’re trying to get preggo, all in the name of healthier, better-looking hair and nails. I think Olay even makes vitamin packets for better skin/hair/nails. Crazy, right? I don’t take any of these things, but I have friends who do and say they see results.

      But I digress. To protect your nails, you could try a strengthening base coat; Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails is a favorite of mine and it’s easy to find at drugstores.

      You mentioned splitting. Do you mean peeling, or actually splitting? For example, my mom’s cuticle on her left thumb nail was damaged when she accidentally closed it in a door (OUCH). After that incident, she’s had a fine white line that trails down the middle of her nail, starting at the cuticle… and her nail actually begins to split in two, about 2/3 of the way down. It’s been like this for years! I call it her “cloven hoof.” She hates that. :) So if that’s the kind of splitting you’re talking about… I am sorry to say it could be permanent. But something tells me you’re referring to peeling instead. I used to have problems with peeling, and I changed two things about my nail routine that I credit for stopping the peel.

      1) I started gently buffing my nails pretty regularly. Buffing smooths out ridges and bumps really well. However, if your nails are very thin, buffing them could make them thinner — so if you choose to buff, you’d definitely want to go easy and always be sure to protect the nail with a base coat too.
      2) I file my nails in a round shape. I only made this change in the past 4 years or so, and I have noticed a huge difference. My nails hardly ever break, and I credit the round shape to living chip-free, too. If you’re filing your nails straight across, try changing it up to “squoval” or round to see if you notice an improvement.

      Here’s a link to a post I wrote on my overall nail routine:

      I hope this helps you! Lemme know how it goes!

      xxo, Francesca

  2. Hello,
    Looking for a dupe for Jin Soon Choi’s gorgeous (but at 18 bucks, I cannot afford it) color named Audacity. I would appreciate any help!

  3. You and your blog are SO CUTE. Why don’t you have an enormous cult following? FIND OUT FOR ME.

  4. Cool, but not really an answer to my question.
    Juuuust kidding! Thank you!!! I’ve started to kind of finally figure out how pictures work. Plus that polish rules so it’s pretty much impossible to take a bad picture of it. :)

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