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Happy New Year!

As you begin to plan outfits with all of your new holiday baubles & clothes, check out this color wheel reference from LUCKY Magazine. I have been hoarding this since May and am ready to resurrect it for y’all.


Yep. May. See? I knew it would come in handy…

Complementary colors are pretty basic…


Yes, we learned about primary and secondary colors in 3rd grade art class, I know. But stay with me here…

But Lucky’s advice on split complementary colors, color triads and tetradic color schemes are priceless! Click the pics to explore the article. I’m sure a lot of you inherently follow these rules (some of us have a good eye for color!) but it’s fascinating — and very helpful — to see the tried-and-true method behind the madness. This is like, science or whatever.



A-haaaa! See, this is some next-level business. I love this chart so much, I’m printing it out as a reference chart to keep in my STASH.

What a valuable visual for those of you interested in nail art color pairings, or choosing the perfect shade for a special occasion.

xxo, Francesca